Lane Kiffin mouthed the word 'boring' during shutout of MSU

Alabama's offense and defense more than took care of business Thursday night against Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl. They shut out the Spartans and scored 38 points on the night. You know, just another ho-hum game for the Crimson Tide. It was so mundane that Bama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin seemed to mouth the word "boring" on the sideline in the middle of the game!

I'm not sure if Kiffin was trolling MSU or if he was actually trying to take a jab at Colin Cowherd. Cowherd didn't believe the Crimson Tide belonged in the playoff at all and he went on a rant two weeks ago regarding Alabama's "bland" program, comparing them to Wal-Mart. I would imagine Kiffin would have a hard time forgetting that and can never resist taking his jab when it's there.


[h/t CollegeSpun]