Les Miles somehow defends player who clotheslined a defenseless player with blatant dirty hit

He better check the film again.

The LSU-Wisconsin game was definitely one of the more dramatic games of the weekend with the game coming down to the last possession for the Tigers. Quarterback Brandon Harris threw a pick to Wisconsin's D'Cota Dixon with less than a minute left in the game and his Tigers down 16-14.

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Dixon caught the interception and fell down immediately, thus ending the play. However, LSU lineman Joshua Boutte took a pretty blatant cheap shot at the excited Dixon afterward and was immediately ejected for this hit:

Just about everyone was condemning the young man for his actions and taking a cheap shot on a defenseless player. Not his coach though!

Les Miles speaking after the game, via The Times Picayune:

"I grabbed him right away when it happened, I'll have to see the film. He's an offensive lineman in protection. What happens downfield many times, you can be protecting beyond the play with the idea you don't know if the ball is even thrown.

"It's very logical he did not know the guy had gone down and was just running. He just came up on a guy he thought was returning the ball and made a tackle. And that's what he said (to Miles), and I believe it. He's not a malicious guy. I can't imagine he saw him go down and went and made a tackle."

I'm not sure he really needs to see any film for that because whistles had blown and none of his other teammates were going after Dixon to bring him to the ground as if a play was still going on. It's also one thing to make a tackle and it's another to clothesline a guy viciously.


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