Michigan's overturned touchdown in the Fiesta Bowl.
Screenshot from Twitter

Michigan's Overturned Touchdown vs. TCU Was a Clear Whiff From Refs

It'll go down as a play that Michigan Wolverine fans won't stop talking about. Not for the next week. Not for the next year. Not as long as Jim Harbaugh is the head coach.

In the second quarter of the Fiesta Bowl College Football Playoff semifinal against TCU, Michigan quarterback JJ McCarthy uncorked a bomb to wide receiver Roman Wilson that was initially called a touchdown, which would have cut Michigan's deficit from 11 to 5 and delivered some much-needed momentum to the sideline.

However, referees overturned the call saying Wilson was down just before he entered the end zone.

Michigan Touchdown Overturned at the Goal Line in Fiesta Bowl

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Was Wilson already in when he fully secured the ball? Many fans on Twitter thought so, as did the writer of this story. It looked like Wilson slightly bobbled the ball before fully bringing it in. Even worse is replay should show something "clear and convincing" to reverse the call, and there's nothing clear and convincing about it.

And upon a slow-mo replay angle from the pylon camera, the catch certainly appeared to be made as Wilson was breaking the plane of the end zone:

The call was a decisive one, because Michigan fumbled the handoff at the goal line on the very next play, and TCU took over. The Horned Frogs continued to steam roll the Wolverines in the first half, finishing with 21 points to Michigan's three.

Jim Harbaugh is an eccentric head coach, but FOX gave college football fans a horrifying look at the Michigan coach thanks to the Jim Harbaugh Ref Cam. Imagine seeing this after Michigan's overturned touchdown.

Screenshot from Twitter

The controversial play may or may not matter depending on the final score, but who knows how that touchdown affects Michigan's momentum the rest of the game? If Max Duggan and TCU can pull of the upset, there's no doubt this play will be talked about for the next week in Ann Arbor, on ESPN and all over.

Was it the right call? I'll let you be the judge.

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