Michigan blocking cameras
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Michigan Staffer Trying to Block Cameras is Peak Hypocrisy

If any college football program knows about the inside information that teams communicate on the sideline of a game, it's Michigan.

Head coach Jim Harbaugh is currently serving a three-game suspension after the Big Ten claimed that Michigan has been taping team's sidelines over the past three seasons in order to scout the meaning of future opponent's signals. During Michigan's game against Maryland on Saturday, the Wolverines brought out an interesting method to prevent inside information from being shown.

With interim head coach Sherrone Moore bringing his team in to the sideline for a discussion during the second quarter, members of Michigan staff held up massive flags to prevent TV cameras from getting an inside look at the huddle.

The irony of this move is nearly impossible to ignore. Combine this move with the "Free Jim Harbaugh" shirts that same players were seen wearing ahead of the game, Michigan's sign-stealing story grows even more interesting. The discussion over Harbaugh even accepting the suspension from the Big Ten has been controversial with some people believing Harbaugh is admitting guilt in the accusations, while others believe the coach is doing a favor for his players to remove any additional possible distractions for the team.

The 2022 coach of the year will also miss Michigan's highly-anticipated matchup against Ohio State next week. Next Saturday's matchup in Ann Arbor will undoubtedly play a major role in the selection for the College Football Playoff as both teams are currently in the top four in the playoff rankings.

Regardless of the outcome against the Buckeyes, or even the rest of the results this season, the Michigan Wolverines will continue to be criticized for years to come due to the investigation and reaction from the team. Wolverines fans likely won't care, however, if the season results in a national championship.

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