Sherrone Moore
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Michigan's Interim Coach Delivered an All-Time Postgame Interview

Michigan acting head coach Sherrone Moore couldn't hold back his emotions in his postgame interview following Michigan's 24-15 defeat of Penn State in Happy Valley.

Moore was fired up to avenge the suspended Jim Harbaugh, and to do his part in securing a huge victory for the Wolverines.

An unimaginable amount of noise has surrounded the Michigan football program in recent weeks in wake of their sign stealing controversy, and the uproar got even longer in the lead up to their matchup with Penn State.  It was announced Friday that head coach Jim Harbaugh would be suspended from being on the sideline during games for the remainder of the regular season.

Sherrone Moore, Michigan's offensive coordinator, was chosen to be the acting coach for the showdown with Penn State. The haters have been loud in the wake of Michigan's scandal, and they were getting even louder after Harbaugh's suspension. A gigantic game with College Football Playoff implications against Penn State isn't the best game to lose your head coach, but it didn't seem to affect the Wolverine's much Saturday.

The Nittany Lions jumped out to a 3-0 advantage in the first quarter, but it was all Wolverines from there. A classic, physical BIG-10 brawl led to Michigan running the ball 30 plays in a row to finish the game. The Wolverines took over in the trenches and cruised to a their 11 point victory.

Moore took advantage of the chance to silence the Michigan haters, if only for a day and felt the weight of the win postgame. 

"Coach Harbaugh, I love the s**t out of you man. I did this for you!" Moore said through tears to Fox Sports' Jenny Taft immediately following the game. 

His love of Harbaugh and the Michigan football program were obvious. The Wolverine's aren't backing down at all in the face of cheating allegations, they are passionately circling the wagons. If they continue to follow the lead of their acting head coach a championship run could be in store.

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