No. 1 recruit Najee Harris reportedly has a destination after Army All-American Game

The race for this kid is heating up.

Najee Harris the top recruit in the entire country for the class of 2017 and his recruitment has been one of the most watched ones in recent memories. The 6'3", 226-pound running back has been going back and forward between Michigan and Alabama in his recruitment.

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The California native is in San Antonio for the Army All-American Game for the top high school recruits in the country. Alabama quarterback commit Tua Tagovailoa said that Harris would be on the plane with him to Alabama after the game, but it seems there might have been a change of plans.

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Multiple sources told 247Sports that Harris will actually be flying back to Oakland, returning to his home in Antioch, Calif. It seems to suggest that Harris may not have fully decided on his college destination yet. Participants in the all-star game are given a free flight to their choice of destination. Some players planning to early enroll use it to fly from San Antonio to their new school. Harris' high school coach, however, noted that the top prospect was barely packed for a week in San Antonio, much less a semester in college.

It should be noted that he's an early enrollee and he says he plans to just show up at the school he chooses immediately after the game and enroll for the Spring semester. So where will Najee Harris end up? Looks like we won't know until his classes start.

Here are some of his highlights:

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