LINCOLN, NE - DECEMBER 5: Mike Riley, newly hired head football coach at the University of Nebraska, talks with members of the media during a press conference inside Memorial Stadium December 5, 2014 in Lincoln, Nebraska. (Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)

Team in desperate need of new coach gets a hint on replacement timeline


Nebraska head coach Mike Riley has been on the hot seat since the start of the season and it got worse after athletic director Shawn Eichorst was ousted in September. That signaled a change at coach was coming and now it looks like new AD Bill Moos has given us a timeline of when a new coach might find his way to Lincoln.

Moos has heard the complaints from fans about getting a new coach and has urged patience from them. He spoke on Monday and said, "It's not like I've got a coach to hire this afternoon at 3:30. Mike Riley deserves to finish the 2017 season. That's how I operate."

With that phrasing, it does sound like Riley will definitely be out at the end of the season. Moos didn't give a "we'll wait and see" approach, but outright said he deserves to finish the season, implying he doesn't really deserve another one afterward. The Cornhuskers are 19-17 overall and 12-12 in conference play (not including Saturday's outcome) since Riley took over in 2015. They're 1-1 in bowl games and got to a bowl game in his first year despite going 5-7 in the regular season.

Scott Frost is believed to be the favorite to replace Riley and is reportedly "close" to taking the job. Frost has guided his UCF team to an undefeated season so far and got them to a bowl game after going winless in the season before he got there.