Former Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn just made an absurd statement about the College Football Playoff Clippit/Screenshot

The Ohio State Buckeyes were unceremoniously embarrassed in a blowout loss to Iowa last week and, at the time, it was basically acknowledged that the performance ended any chance of a College Football Playoff appearance this season. However, someone apparently forgot to tell FOX analyst and former Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn.

To be at least mildly fair to Quinn, the statement came on the heels of Ohio State absolutely blasting Michigan State in the first half and that performance was quite impressive. Still, the Buckeyes already have two losses in very lopsided fashion and not even the craziest accumulation of style points would thrust Urban Meyer’s team back into the mix without quite a bit of help.

It is at least possible to concoct a scenario in which a two-loss Ohio State makes the College Football Playoff, especially with a win over Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship Game. Still, it certainly would not be a likely outcome in the way Quinn painted on air during Saturday’s game and that has to be acknowledged.

Ohio State might be one of the best four teams in the country but resume matters when it comes to making the College Football Playoff and there is an uphill battle for the team from Columbus.

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