Ohio State will wear 100-year throwbacks against this Big Ten rival


The Ohio State Buckeyes are facing a significant task in 2016, as Urban Meyer and his staff must replace more talent lost to the NFL Draft than any program in the country. However, the Buckeyes should be just fine between the white lines this season, and they will reportedly be sporting a special look on Nov. 5 against the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Eric Seger of Eleven Warriors brings word that Ohio State will be wearing 100-year (!) throwbacks to the 1916 season on that particular day, and while the full details are available on that site, Pick Six Previews brought a snippet via Twitter this week:

As far as throwbacks go, these could be polarizing. They do represent "days gone by" effectively in that no uniform in 2016 would resemble this, but at the same time, it could be a nice look for the Buckeyes in a one-off scenario.

In addition, the Buckeyes should receive something of a bump in interest on that particular day, and while Big Ten games probably don't require additional attention, it isn't as if Nebraska has been terribly entertaining in recent years. It will be interesting to see what these uniforms look like on present-day players, but we now know when they're coming.