Old Wisconsin recruiting letter has the worst spelling error ever

(Warning: NSFW language)

Recruiting letters are a big part of how college programs try to lure recruits to their school. Letters, dvds, and packets flood big-time recruits' houses each day, but, no matter what is inside, the biggest key to a recruiting letter is spelling the recruit's name correctly.

Former Michigan linebacker Clint Copenhaver (1995-98) revealed the worst instance of a misspelled name on a recruiting letter maybe ever.

UHHHHHHH. How does that even happen? Like, you have to miss two entire letters and put the wrong vowel in Clint to even get to this point. I guess this explains why he chose Michigan over Wisconsin. This is a reminder to all recruiters out there, always use spell check and especially so on the address label.

(h/t GamedayR)