The Wisconsin Badgers are currently 9-0 and the favorites to represent the Big Ten West in the Big Ten championship game.

With games against No. 25 Iowa (which just demolished highly-ranked Ohio State), Michigan, and Minnesota left on the schedule, there’s a pretty decent chance the Badgers win out. There’s an equally as good chance that the Badgers win the Big Ten championship, making them an undefeated conference champion heading into College Football playoff selection time.

Spirits should be high up in Madison, but according to two notable pundits on ESPN, the Badgers may be in trouble in terms of their eventual CFP bid.

In fact, Paul Finebaum believes that Wisconsin is the most vulnerable unbeaten team in college football, and his counterpart, Kirk Herbstreit, just doesn’t think the Badgers’ win-loss record matters all that much.

Here’s Herbstreit:

“I hope people do not get caught up in the wins and losses. They matter, they should matter — I’m not saying that they don’t. But if Wisconsin at the end of this is one of the top four teams and you feel — not because they’re the Big Ten champion — but you feel they’re one of the best teams, put them in there. I just don’t buy undefeated equals being one of the best teams. If they are based on watching them and evaluating them than put them in but don’t do it just because they’re unbeaten. That’s not a reason to do it:”

For his part, Finebaum didn’t seem to disagree. He already said that Wisconsin was vulnerable, but then he straight up went ahead and said that that he just can’t see the Badgers making the top four. This is even if they go undefeated and win the Big Ten, mind you.

Here’s Finebaum:

“I wouldn’t put Wisconsin in there. I don’t know how you could possibly make an argument for them. And I’m not sure what they can do the rest of the way unless they start obliterating teams up until and during the big ten championship game. They are in big trouble in my mind.”

First and foremost, though, Wisconsin needs to beat Iowa, which is easier said than done. Just ask Ohio State.

Paul Finebaum names the most “vulnerable” of the undefeated teams Screenshot/ESPN
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