Paul Finebaum
Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Paul Finebaum rips Urban Meyer, says he has underachieved at Ohio State


Urban Meyer has accomplished quite a bit at Ohio State since he was hired for the 2012 season. He's gone 61-6 overall and 39-2 in conference play. However, ESPN's Paul Finebaum thinks that Meyer has somehow still underachieved in his few years in Columbus.

Finebaum specifically mentions Meyer's record as a coach, but then says he underachieved because he didn't win more Big Ten or national titles. To win multiple national titles is nearly impossible even with great recruiting —- like Meyer has been doing —- so maybe Finebaum's expectations are just a little kooky considering he's been watching Nick Saban so closely for so many years now.

For a guy like Finebaum —- who recognizes he's a SEC homer —- to say that Meyer is underachieving and try to exclude his win-loss total in that argument is absolutely ludicrous. That has to be considered and while he might have only won one conference title in that time, he has won the division every year he's coached at Ohio State. And he probably would have had another title under his belt in 2012 if Jim Tressel hadn't let him "Tattoo-Gate" to deal with and the postseason bowl ban that came with it.