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Penn State Fan Trolls Michigan with Sign-Stealing Costume

The Michigan sign stealing allegations have been the biggest story in college football this week and the timing of the story honestly couldn't be any better.

With Halloween right around the corner, fans of opposing teams have the perfect costume idea thanks to Michigan. This Penn State fan showed up early to the Nittany Lions' game with Indiana wearing a Michigan shirt and holding a pair of binoculars under his Penn State themed overalls.

The Michigan sign stealing story is uncovering more and more each day. A report from Dan Murphy of ESPN included Penn State as one of the schools that Michigan staffer Connor Stalions sent someone to scout.

According to the report, a former D-III coach was compensated by Stalions to attend the Penn State home game against UMass earlier this month.

"I only did a half because it was pouring rain and they were playing UMass," the source said. "It didn't pay well enough, so I was like, 'Yeah I'm not staying here.'"

The scout was also offered tickets to attend this game between Penn State and Indiana, but he declined according to Murphy's report. This Penn State fan has filled in nicely for him though.

Michigan has defeated Penn State the last two seasons, including a 41-17 drumming by the Wolverines in Ann Arbor last season. The Nittany Lions will have to hope for a better outcome this season, so this fan doesn't end up being the one trolled in the end.

This likely won't be the last time we see a fan dressing up as Stalions or any other Michigan scout. Ohio State, Michigan's No. 1 rival, and the school reportedly most affected by the alleged sign stealing, is on the road this week, so we won't see many Buckeye fans trolling Michigan today.

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