WEST LAFAYETTE, IN - OCTOBER 14: Purdue Boilermakers head coach Ryan Walters gets ready to lead his team to the field before a college football game against the Ohio State Buckeyes on October 14, 2023 at Ross-Ade Stadium in West Lafayette, Indiana.
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Purdue's Kicker Was Upstaged by Student Contestants

To say it has already been a memorably bad day for Purdue kicking would be the understatement of the year.

Purdue was in the process of expectedly getting destroyed by Ohio State on Saturday afternoon, but the embarrassment for the Boilermakers sadly did not come close to ending there.

As reported by Buckeyes beat reporter, Marcus Hartman, a random Purdue student strolled onto the field during a timeout to attempt a field goal as part of a marketing promotion and apparently drilled a 40-yarder. What proceeded to happen next feels like one of the most Purdue things ever.

Not only did their actual kicker — the one wearing an official team helmet and uniform — miss the forthcoming attempt coming out of the timeout, they "doinked" the 39-yarder to add astounding insult to injury.

By all means, please take a look at the "doink" heard 'round the world.

Missing it would have been bad enough, but hitting the left upright and leaving Purdue with zero points at the half is just high comedy. It reaches ridiculous heights of laughter (and infinite sadness) when you take into account what happened just moments prior to the failed attempt.

To back up for a second, let's not overlook the student who kicked a 40-yard field goal. That's no easy feat and a seriously impressive boot coming from someone that was picked out of the crowd at random to get the opportunity.

Whoever it was is now an instant campus hero. And who knows, maybe said student will be making an appearance at practice on Monday morning.

To make matters even worse — which would seem difficult to do at this point — there were apparently two students who were given a total of five field goal attempts and, as of now, the laser show they're putting on is taking Purdue kicker Julio Macias to the woodshed.

Macias has yet to connect on three attempts.

In an attempt at a glass half-full approach, we would say Macias is at least 1-for-1 on extra point attempts. But that would be incorrect. Purdue kicker Caleb Krockover is the one who connected on the extra point.

Boy oh boy, when it rains it certainly pours. The hope is that Macias gets another shot because this is going from amusing to crisis status rather quickly.

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