The final AP Poll before championship weekend has been released ESPN/Screenshot

If the AP Poll is indication, we are down to a finite set of contenders for the College Football Playoff.

The final poll before conference championships was released on Sunday, and to little surprise, Alabama was still unanimously at the top. Where things get interesting, though, is after the Top 4, where Michigan, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Penn State, and Colorado go in order.

Once again, the ranking of Wisconsin is key. If they win the Big Ten title game, are they in the Playoff? What about Penn State?

Judging by these rankings, those teams need quite a bit of help.

The full poll:

1. Alabama (61)
2. Ohio State
3. Clemson
4. Washington
5. Michigan
6. Wisconsin
7. Oklahoma
8. Penn State
9. Colorado
10. USC
11. Oklahoma State
12. Florida State
13. Western Michigan
14. West Virginia
15. Florida
16. Louisville
17. Stanford
18. Auburn
19. Virginia Tech
20. Navy
21. LSU
22. Iowa
23. Nebraska
24. South Florida
25. Pitt

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