This Fox Sports writer's top 25 has a very different No. 1 team

It's actually a surprise no one had this team there before.

Fox Sports writer and college football expert Bruce Feldman has graced us with his own way too early top 25. However, he's not giving the National Championship-winning Alabama Crimson Tide a pass by naming them his top team like everyone else has done so far. He believes the runner-up in 2015's national title game will actually be the best team in the country.

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This list also has some puzzling choices like putting LSU second behind Clemson and making Tennessee a top ten team, although that seems to be a consensus among people making these kinds of lists. Michigan ranked at the five spot seems pretty high after only one good under Jim Harbaugh and Ohio State not making it into the top five teams is actually pretty surprising.

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Here is the complete list of schools on Feldman's top 25:

1. Clemson
2. LSU
3. Alabama
4. Florida State
5. Michigan
6. Houston
7. Oklahoma
8. Tennessee
9. Ohio State
10. Notre Dame
11. TCU
12. Louisville
13. Washington
14. Iowa
15. Texas A&M
16. Stanford
17. Baylor
18. Ole Miss
19. Georgia
20. Michigan State
21. Oregon
22. Washington State
23. USC
24. North Carolina
25. UCLA

Just keep in mind that this is peak offseason and so some people are a little delirious when it comes to making these lists. They are also trying a little too hard to impress people by putting teams in spots they wouldn't normally so they can come back and say they totally had that team pegged from the beginning if they happen to do well.


[h/t Fox Sports]