Brent Musburger's jab at Bobby Petrino shows why ESPN keeps him on B-level games

He said what?!

One of our favorites at ESPN, Brent Musburger, is being sent down to the SEC Network to cover B-level games after he called the Auburn-Clemson thriller (No. 2 Clemson won after a failed Hail Mary was batted down in the end zone).

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And it's comments like this that probably have kept Musburger from calling some of college football's top games.

While discussing former Arkansas coach and current Louisville head man Bobby Petrino, Musburger dropped this witty motorcycle line:

Petrino famously had an affair with a 25-year-old assistant during his time with the Razorbacks, one that came out after he was involved in a  motorcycle accident.

You've got to give it to Musburger — he really doesn't care what the network that employs him thinks at this point as long as the audience is entertained. In this circumstance, he was successful.