BYU defender appears to get a cheap shot in on defenseless Portland State receiver


BYU played Portland State to open its season on Saturday and it wasn't as easy a game as the Cougars only won with a score of 20-6. And it was a one-score game until the fourth quarter. This led to some visible --- maybe not to the refs though --- frustration from some of the BYU defenders who were doing their job, but were being let down by the offense. Linebacker Adam Pulsipher specifically took his anger out on some poor Portland State receiver.

You might be able to interpret that as him trying to "punch" the ball out of the receiver's hands after he hit the ground. But it looks a little stronger than that kind of punch and that he took a real cheap shot there. It remains to be seen if a punishment will be handed down, but this is not a good look ahead of the big game against LSU next week.