BYU had a great day in East Lansing but it began with a touching tribute prior to kick-off

BYU didn't have to do what they did before kick-off against Michigan State, but it was touching.

BYU had a great day on the football field in East Lansing but, before the game against Michigan State even started, the Cougars were already winning.

Prior to the afternoon kick-off against the Spartans, the BYU program honored two fallen members of the Michigan State program by placing flowers at the six-yard line and three-yard line to honor Mylan Hicks and Mike Sadler, respectively. Hicks was tragically shot and killed in Canada earlier this year, while Sadler was killed in a car accident alongside former Nebraska punter Mike Sadler in July.

The Cougars certainly did not have to execute a tribute in this fashion, especially given the fact that the game took place on the road in what you would assume to be an unfriendly environment. Still, they felt it necessary and it was an extremely touching thing to do for a team from another conference and a different part of the country.

Between the white lines, BYU had a tremendous day, upsetting Michigan State in shocking fashion by a 31-14 margin, but sometimes, the result on the field takes a back seat to other things. This is one of those instances, and the program should be proud for taking such a step in this setting.