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CBS named this school the most disrespected football program in the country

Which team gets no love from the college football world?

Fans will tell you all the time about how the media is disrespectful to their team. Either in the polls or in player rankings, fans will usually expect a higher opinion of their team no matter what.

But which team actually has a legitimate gripe about being the most disrespected? According to CBS Sports, one SEC team is the most disrespected program in the entire nation: Mississippi State.

Here's what CBS writer Tom Fornelli had to say about their program:

The SEC West is a difficult division to predict, because there are so many strong teams in it. There's one easy thing to do though, and that's predict Mississippi State will finish last in the division.


But the thing is, Mississippi State hasn't actually finished last in the SEC West since 2009, and even then it was tied with both Arkansas and Auburn at 3-5 in conference play. While the Bulldogs may not be a national title contender, it just feels like nobody ever really wants to take them seriously, either.

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That's a pretty good argument for the Bulldogs. They may never be the best team in the SEC, but they are often seen by some fans as a bottom-tier team when they are clearly not that.

Fornelli also included Notre Dame, Michigan State, Utah, and Oklahoma State on his list of Top 5 most disrespected programs.

My personal pick probably would have been Michigan State. They were already seen as sort of an "also-ran" in the Big Ten, even though they have done incredibly well in recent years. Combine that with the fan reaction to their College Football Playoff loss to Alabama, and you know they are going to draw the ire of fans for years to come.