Coastal Carolina now has teal turf on their football field

Boise State made colored turf cool with the blue "Smurf Turf," and now we have another team making a change from green to team color turf.

The latest to make a change is Coastal Carolina, who now has "Teal Turf" and it's, well, definitely teal.

It's not terrible, considering it's fairly close to green, and I would say it's the second best looking of the color turf fields in college football.

Football field turf colors, ranked:

1. Real grass.

2. Green field turf.

3. Boise State Smurf Turf.

4. Coastal Carolina Teal Turf.

5. A parking lot.

6. Eastern Washington's Red Turf.

7. Whatever it is that covers Tropicana Field.