Colin Cowherd goes off on Notre Dame over the arrests of six players

Not sure what Cowherd is trying to accomplish here.

Colin Cowherd seems to have a thing against Nick Saban and Alabama, and this time it has extended over in criticism against Notre Dame.

The Fighting Irish had six players arrested in two separate incidents over the weekend, and they have since handed down some punishment. Starting safety Max Redfield was kicked off the team, and senior cornerback Devin Butler was suspended following his separate arrest that could lead to multiple felony charges.

Cowherd wasn't happy with the punishments, as he thought Notre Dame — and Alabama before them — took the easy way out.

"The under-achieving senior"??? Well then, 60-plus tackles on a loaded defense in each of the past two seasons is quite the under-achievement!

The comments from Cowherd are weird. He acts like the Irish dismissing Redfield was some easy decision, but the safety has been one of their top defenders over the past two seasons. And Butler is potentially facing felony charges; what's wrong with Notre Dame suspending him indefinitely until that plays out?

It gets even weirder when you consider the Alabama comparison. Sure, some people have taken Saban to task about Cam Robinson not getting suspended, but the Alphonse Taylor situation is a different thing entirely to bring up.

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"But Alabama is loaded at guard! Alphonse Taylor got into some trouble. They suspended him indefinitely. Why don't you suspend the left tackle? Because your thin at left tackle."

Is Cowherd aware that Taylor might not be suspended after all? The guard was suspended after he was arrested for a DUI back in July, but reports later came out that Taylor blew a 0.00 on the breathalyzer, and that alcohol wasn't involved. His case is still on-going.

This just seems like Cowherd trying to get a dig in at a couple of powerhouse programs because that's what he wants to do.

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