College coach on players last year: “I didn’t like those guys.” Twitter/@TState_Pride

Texas State head coach Everett Withers did not hold back when he was asked about last year’s team that won only two games. In fact, he took a pretty blatant shot at some of the former players from last season.

Not only did he say that he didn’t like the players, but he also admitted that this year’s team doesn’t have as much talent as last season’s. That is not what fans want to hear after seeing only two wins all year. But he went further in depth about how much he hated last season’s team and he disliked them so much he wouldn’t let his children see him at work. Here’s what he said comparing this year’s squad to 2016’s:

“Love ‘em. Are we more talented? No, we’re not. But I like being around them. I like being around our guys. They are good people, they care. Generally, I feel they have a better care for each other than a year ago. I want to be around them, I want my son to be around them. I want our coaches’ families to be around that. I want (defensive coordinator) Randall McCray to bring his son and his daughter over here and be around the team. Last year, I didn’t bring my kids over here because I didn’t want them to be infested with what was going on.”

The boosters and fans do like to hear that the coach is teaching these young men how to act properly and how to become a positive part of society. However, he’ll have to get a few more wins if he wants to keep building that up and get the chance to do it for a few more years.


[h/t Underdog Dynasty]

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