College GameDay announces surprise destination for Week 4

This came out of nowhere.

ESPN's College GameDay usually doesn't announce where it's headed each week until most of the big matchups are finished up for the current week. However, they made an exception this week as they already announced a destination for Week 4.

There don't seem to be any big games in NYC so they may be going to try something new. There were some good candidates to host the game like TCU-Oklahoma State, Penn State-Iowa and UCLA-Stanford. No one can know for sure if those options were considered, but it should be interesting to see what kind of crowd GameDay can get in a city like New York City.

Analyst Kirk Herbstreit got quite a few questions about the decision and he might have given some insight as to why the team is headed there.

The Associated Press's  Ralph D. Russo also tried to explain why the crew might be headed to NYC as well.

He does make a good point, but the TCU-Oklahoma State would likely be the best of those options and apparently that's not quite the excitement the crew or ESPN is looking for when they move GameDay somewhere.