10 January 2015: ESPN analyst Danny Kannell during the College Football Playoff National Championship media day held at the Dallas Convention Center in Dallas, Texas.
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Danny Kanell Explains College Football's Coaching Problem

Danny Kanell has been an outspoken college football analyst, especially regarding his alma mater Florida State Seminoles being left out of the recent College Football Playoff. And Kanell is now sounding off about the coaching situation in the sport.

Of course, we've seen several top college coaches leave recently, including two of the four coaches in the College Football Playoff: Alabama's Nick Saban, who retired; and Michigan's Jim Harbaugh, who just landed in the NFL with the Los Angeles Chargers.

Kanell says coaches such as Harbaugh and Saban are leaving because there's "zero structure."

"College football is losing its best coaches because there is zero structure," Kanell said. "It's impossible to manage rosters, keep players from bolting, or have any say in who to pay but still have to worry about NCAA?? It's a joke and if it doesn't get fixed soon more will make the same jump!"

While Kanell's comments could hold some water, there's a devil's advocate side to it. For instance, Saban is in his 70s and was bound to retire eventually. Also, Harbaugh left Michigan with a national championship and is now seeking a Super Bowl win, one could say.

Fans on X had mixed responses to Kanell's analysis, but overall, most agreed.

"Jump to where...only 32 jobs in the NFL bruh," someone said.

"Pretty soon, kids will skip college football and elect to play in the UFL before transferring to the NFL. Not to even mention the tuition/financial issues for normal students at these schools. Colleges across America are falling apart and it's because the Government backed the loans and now no one can afford tuition and even if they can they don't get an ROI. College football is in big trouble," a user said.

"Even top teams are getting negatively affected. CF is on a course of 20 semi pro teams and everyone else. Bowls will be meaningless," another person said.

We'll have to see what comes of college football in the coming years. Will more talented coaches head off to the NFL? Will there be more regulation from the NCAA?

Only time will tell.

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