ESPN's Danny Kanell completely trashes Miami ahead of newest '30 for 30' documentary


It appears that former Florida State quarterback Danny Kanell won't be watching the "Catholics vs. Convicts" 30 for 30 documentary on ESPN.

Kanell took to Twitter to voice displeasure at all the attention Miami is getting in the documentary series, as the Hurricanes have already had two installments based on their previous football success. In natural rivalry fasion, Kanell didn't hold back.

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You can at least see where Kanell is coming from; he doesn't like Miami, and he is going to take every chance he can to fire a couple of shots at the team when he can.

However, ESPN is doing what they can to get the ratings they need to keep making money. The first two Miami documentaries apparently did very well, and the "Catholics vs. Convicts" story is expected to do the same.