Deion Sanders and Tom Brady
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Deion, Shedeur Sanders Make Guest Appearance on Tom Brady's Podcast

Colorado Buffalo head coach Deion Sanders and his son Shedeur made an appearance on Tom Brady's podcast "Let's Go!".

Tom Brady has taken over the podcasting game, and he got one of the biggest pair of guests possible this week in Colorado Buffalo stars Deion and Shedeur Sanders.

So many parents in sports want to do everything they can to help their children excel, and bringing in a trainer or personal coach can often be a part of that, but when your dad is perhaps the greatest defensive back in football history, it looks a bit different. For Shedeur Sanders, who is both son and starting QB to Colorado head coach Deion, that means a personal workout with none other than Tom Brady, the best to ever do it.

In a recent appearance on Brady's "Let's Go!" podcast, Deion commented on just how valuable a workout with the Patriots legend has been for his son, stating that Shedeur "took all that stuff to heart" in regards to all of the wisdom Brady was able to dispense during their time together.

Balancing a father/son relationship as well as the one between coach and starting quarterback can be a unique challenge, so Deion has been grateful to have a figure of Brady's stature in his corner to use as an example. He remarked that he's "used Brady" to "get on [Shedeur's] butt," for example by asking if Tom had a fancy sports car when he was in college, reminding his talented son the value of prioritization and patience.

Even Shedeur himself has admitted that while he appreciates the insight he's been able to gain from his hall of fame father, who of course had an incredibly distinguished college and NFL career, it's incredibly helpful to hear from someone who's gone through it as a quarterback. He stated that he's heard advice from Deion his whole life, but "it's just different" to hear it from the superstar quarterback, who has made sure to both credit the young Sanders's accomplishments, and remind him to stay humble.

It's been an incredible first few weeks in Boulder for Coach Prime and his superstar son. After the team went 1-11 a year ago, they've already pulled off a historic turnaround by starting 3-0 with emphatic wins over TCU and Nebraska before a rivalry nail-biter against Colorado State.

They have their sights set on much higher goals, and Shedeur's performance is a huge reason why; he's been incredibly prolific within Sean Lewis's fast-paced offense, as he's already accumulated 1,251 passing yards and 10 touchdowns compared to just one touchdown. With a legend as his dad and coach, and advice from a seven-time Super Bowl champion passer, it's hard to say just how high the ceiling is for Colorado's talented quarterback.

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