during the 2015 Capital One Orange Bowl at Sun Life Stadium on December 31, 2015 in Miami Gardens, Florida.

ESPN's FPI still loves Oklahoma even after their 20-point loss

ESPN's Football Power Index is terrible.

Going into bowl season, Oklahoma was the top rated team in ESPN's Football Power Index... by far. Like, it was not even close despite Oklahoma not playing in a conference championship game and with the Sooners suffering a loss to a terrible Texas team earlier in the season.

However, once it came down to an on-field battle with Playoff No. 1 Clemson, things didn't go so well for Oklahoma, who lost 37-17 in the Orange Bowl on Thursday. Clemson clearly looked like the better team, remained undefeated, and stayed behind Oklahoma in FPI.

Here's what FPI looked like before the start of New Year's games.


At least Alabama took over the No. 1 spot, but that was more of a function of their 38-0 win over Michigan State than because Oklahoma lost. Despite their win, Clemson is still behind Oklahoma, Ohio State, and they are tied with Ole Miss. Heck, it's possible that Ole Miss passes Clemson tonight if they beat Oklahoma State in the Sugar Bowl.

Point is, this stat is terrible.