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FanBuzz college football Top 25: What just happened?

Dropped from the rankings: Toledo (18), Ole Miss (19)


[fbrankingtable number="1" logo="" text="We have another new No. 1 in the FanBuzz power rankings. After a win over Florida State on Saturday, and after taking the top spot on the CFP rankings on Tuesday, the Clemson Tigers ascend to No. 1." winloss="0 (1)"]
[fbrankingtable number="2" logo="" text="Ohio State is not really far back of Clemson at all for that No. 1 rankings; anyone that has them there isn't necessarily wrong at this point. They beat Minnesota 28-14 on Saturday night." winloss="0 (2)"]
[fbrankingtable number="3" logo="" text="So freshman quarterback Jarrett Stidham proved to be pretty good in his debut 31-24 win over Kansas State. However, that game did leave the big question about Baylor: is their defense good enough to compensate for a backup quarterback? On Thursday, they were, but that might not always be the case." winloss="0 (3)"]
[fbrankingtable number="4" logo="" text="I was legitimately against Alabama being in the Top 4 of the first Playoff rankings. However, after so many teams lost on Saturday, who many other teams can you put above them at this point? They tamed LSU star running back Leonard Fournette in a way most people didn't think was possible." winloss="3 (7)"]
[fbrankingtable number="5" logo="" text="So, it's time to finally give this kind of respect to Oklahoma State. They had their close calls earlier in the season, but they just dominated TCU, intercepting quarterback Trevone Boykin four times in a 49-29 win." winloss="9 (14)"]
[fbrankingtable number="6" logo="" text="So LSU can still win the SEC after that 30-16 loss to Alabama. Heck, they could probably get into the Playoff with an 11-1 record if the committee wants them there. This loss looked bad, but they are definitely still alive." winloss="-1 (6)"]
[fbrankingtable number="7" logo="" text="So, uh... Iowa is no joke at this point. They should finish the regular season undefeated, and if they beat an undefeated Ohio State in the Big Ten title game... they're in." winloss="4 (11)"]
[fbrankingtable number="8" logo="" text="I cannot believe that I am not moving Florida down in the rankings after they almost lost to Vandy; they escaped with a 9-7 victory, but they really need to find something on offense. Treon Harris is still not the answer for their woes without Will Grier." winloss="0 (8)"]
[fbrankingtable number="9" logo="" text="A lot of people might not see it this way, but a 42-30 win at Pitt is actually a decent win. However, the Fighting Irish may finally be doomed by the injury curse, as running back C.J. Prosise could be missing time with an injury. However, ND has Wake Forest and Boston College next on their schedule; he has time to heal." winloss="1 (10)"]
[fbrankingtable number="10" logo="" text="Not only did TCU look bad against Oklahoma State on Saturday, but they lost one of their best weapons — wide receiver Josh Doctson — to an injury. The prognosis on Doctson isn't back yet, but that could be the end of TCU's title hopes." winloss="-9 (1)"]
[fbrankingtable number="11" logo="" text="Stanford had a nice 42-10 win over Colorado and their offense has looked pretty good recently, but I'm still skeptical of the Cardinal. How did this team only score six against Northwestern? Will that happen again when they play a non Pac-12 defense? We will find out soon enough, as they play Notre Dame in a few weeks." winloss="-1 (10)"]
[fbrankingtable number="12" logo="" text="So Michigan State may have legitimately been screwed out of a victory on Saturday after a controversial call against Nebraska, but they shouldn't have been in that situation anyways. The Spartans tendency to let lesser teams hang around finally caught up to them. " winloss="-6 (6)"]
[fbrankingtable number="13" logo="" text="Utah beat unranked and now under-.500 Washington by a 34-23 score. Remember that Washington was actually favored in this game, so that shows how much respect that Utah has been getting lately. However, with all the losses that happened this week, their Playoff chances are still alive if they can win out and beat a one-loss Stanford in the Pac-12 title game." winloss="2 (15)"]
[fbrankingtable number="14" logo="" text="The most interesting part about Michigan State losing on Saturday is that it completely opened the door on the Big Ten East. If Michigan wins out — with the help of Michigan State losing once more in conference play — then Big Blue could win the Big Ten. They have two losses, so they are already at a severe handicap, but they still have some Playoff hopes to work with." winloss="-1 (13)"]
[fbrankingtable number="15" logo="" text="Houston almost had the same fate as several other undefeated teams on Saturday, but they were able to sneak away with a 33-30 win over Cincinnati. They still have Temple and Memphis to beef up their resume with, but their best support right now might be 'beat Vandy more convincingly than Florida did'." winloss="1 (16)"]
[fbrankingtable number="16" logo="" text="If Texas keeps winning, how differently will we look at that loss earlier in the season? I still don't completely trust Oklahoma, as I think they still have a lot to prove, but things could definitely move up quickly for the Sooners." winloss="0 (16)"]
[fbrankingtable number="17" logo="" text="After beating Missouri on Thursday, Mississippi State is quietly 7-2. Quarterback Dak Prescott is still awesome on offense, and while the Fighting Cowbells might not have a chance to win the SEC, they are definitely in a great position for another great season." winloss="3 (20)"]
[fbrankingtable number="18" logo="" text="Speaking of quiet teams, Wisconsin is just sitting here at 8-2. Their only losses are to Alabama and Iowa. The Badgers finally get a bye week before facing Northwestern on Nov. 21." winloss="3 (21)"]
[fbrankingtable number="19" logo="" text="How did this team lose to South Carolina again? The Tar Heels just dominated Duke on Saturday, and quarterback Marquise Williams had over 400 yards passing... in the first half. People might not respect the Tar Heels yet, but a 66-31 victory will go a long way in conference play." winloss="3 (22)"]
[fbrankingtable number="20" logo="" text="So it is time to talk about another team from the American Athletic conference: Navy is 7-1 on the season with their only loss coming against Notre Dame. Navy dominated previously undefeated Memphis on Saturday with a 45-21 win and they become the fourth AAC team to enter these rankings." winloss="— (NR)"]
[fbrankingtable number="21" logo="" text="41-0 over Oregon State. I don't care if Oregon State is terrible, I always think it is impressive when you can shutout a conference opponent." winloss="2 (23)"]
[fbrankingtable number="22" logo="" text="Oh poor Memphis... everyone was believe that you could have actually broken into the Playoff if you had continued to be undefeated. The dream... is over." winloss="-10 (12)"]
[fbrankingtable number="23" logo="" text="It was touch and go for Temple against SMU on Friday night, but the Owls wound up scoring 22 in the fourth quarter to walk away with the 60-40 victory. Not a bad way to recover after the loss to Notre Dame last week." winloss="1 (24)"]
[fbrankingtable number="24" logo="" text="This will be the rare case of a team losing, but moving up in the rankings. What else could you have asked for from Florida State against the No. 1 team? They played well and definitely had their chances to pull the upset. Nothing wrong with that, and they stay in the rankings because of it." winloss="1 (25)"]
[fbrankingtable number="25" logo="" text="Northwestern is finally back in the rankings after taking a few tumbles that started with a shutout to Michigan. It will take getting thorugh Wisconsin to get there, but Northwestern can still get to 10 wins and I'm pretty sure that the people of Evanston would consider that a huge accomplishment." winloss="— (NR)"]