Quavaris Crouch is a five-star running back in the class of 2019 and has 15 offers already with more likely coming in the next year. The 6’2″, 224-pound bruising back plays for Harding University in Charlotte and has North Carolina coming after him pretty hard. He mentioned to Inside Carolina that the Tar Heels as well as Alabama, South Carolina and Alabama were the schools safe from getting cut from any list he might make.

Crouch hasn’t technically eliminated any schools, but it sure sounds like he has four favorites right now. He’s also made it clear that he wants to play in a pro-style offense because of his running style. He described himself as a downhill running back and even said that making people miss on tackles is not one of his specialties.

“I want to go where I feel the most comfortable at,” Crouch said. “I can play in a spread, but a pro-style [offense] fits me better. I’ve been in a downhill system in high school and I don’t want to have to go to college and have to start over. I’m already in gap scheme and it clicks fast for me than inside zone, because I haven’t had a lot of repetition doing [inside zone] at my high school.”

UNC actually runs more of a spread offense, but Crouch took notice of Elijah Hood who plays similarly to him and he excelled in Chapel Hill. Crouch also likes South Carolina because of its proximity to his family in Charlotte — also a reason he likes UNC.

Crouch recently visited Alabama and Michigan and his experiences on the campuses are what have kept those two schools safe.

“I had a good time at both of them,” Crouch said. “I met both the head coaches and sat down with both of them. I got to see how my bond is with the running back coach, because that’s the person I’m going to be with [if I were to go to either of those schools]. And I got to spend some time with the players.”

Crouch has plenty of time to make his decision on where he might play his college football, but everyone else has some ground to make up on those schools. The No. 1 running back and No. 5 overall recruit according to Scout also has offers from Clemson, Stanford, Florida State, Georgia and Ohio State among others.


Here are some of his highlights:

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