Five-star recruit won't attend "dream school" because coaches told him this


Well this is a unique way to lose a recruit.

Lamont Wade (5-foot-9, 185 pounds, Clairton, PA) is a five-star recruit according to Rivals, and according to his own tweets, Michigan had been his dream school... until coaches with the school apparently crushed that dream a while ago.

Well... that doesn't sound like a great recruiting strategy.

Wanting a recruit to come to camp in order to get an offer is one thing. Calling a recruit "second-level" is probably something you should avoid altogether. Even if you think a kid isn't a top recruit, don't tell him that in a demeaning manner to his face.


It's unclear if this happened under the Harbaugh or Hoke regime, but you would have to figure it would be under Harbaugh if Wade still isn't changing his mind about the school.

Wade released a Top 8 of Ohio State, West Virginia, Penn State, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi State, Pitt, and UCLA just a week ago. Penn State and Ohio State are considered the current favorites. He is considered the No. 10 overall recruit of the 2017 class by Rivals.