Former college football player sentenced to 10 years in prison following heinous crime


A recruiting incident from 2014 reportedly led to former Syracuse player Naesean Howard to stab two former teammates, via

Now he'll spend the next 10 years in prison, citing mental health issues and hearing voices before the paranoid stabbing attack.

The situation that resulted in the stabbing of Chauncey Scissum and Corey Winfield, reportedly could be tracked back to 2014, per

Scissum and Winfield helped host Howard as a recruit, who says the players gave him alcohol and he drank to the point of blacking out. He was then reportedly recorded on video of him being carried and acting drunk.


Former head coach Scott Shafer spoke to him about the previous night the next day. He was later suspended after he was late to a practice at Fort Drum, and was relegated to the scout team. Howard then was accused of missing a tutoring session before Shafer asked him if he wanted him to transfer. When he said no, Howard was reportedly eventually forced out.

Shafer and the coaching staff was fired, and three months after transferring, Howard re-enrolled at Syracuse University after working two jobs to help pay for schooling for a second chance.

The new coaching staff would not give him a shot due to comments left by Shafer in his file, and Howard blamed the two former teammates for holding him back.

That's when the stabbing incident occurred at a school BBQ.


Howard is just 20 years old.