The 2017 National Championship Game went very well for the Clemson Tigers, even if it didn’t always look like it was going to happen that way. Of course, the heroics of former Clemson and current Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson are well documented but one of the other reasons that the Tigers were able to pick up the win was the play of star wide receiver Hunter Renfrow.

With that as the backdrop, Renfrow caught up with Matt Fortuna of The All-American (h/t SEC Country) with a funny anecdote about the proceedings. In short, Alabama defensive back Tony Brown was talking trash to Renfrow when Alabama led by double-figures and Renfrow then caught his sixth pass of the evening. That produced a rhetorical question of “How about you guard me then?” from Renfrow and that actually prompted an apology from the Clemson player.

“And then I immediately felt bad,” Renfrow says. “And it took me like three plays to get up the courage to say: OK, I’m sorry. I should not have said that.

“Because if we were going to win, I wanted to win the right way and not be a jerk about it, you know?”

This is amusing because, well, most of the time an apology isn’t in the cards within the confines of any game, much less one of this magnitude. Still, it is strangely endearing to hear Renfrow admit to this publicly and, of course, the contest swung sharply in Clemson’s direction after that transpired.

Perhaps it was good karma?

Clemson star says he apologized to Alabama player following trash talk from last season’s national title game Jamie Squire/Getty Images
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