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Jim Harbaugh had a different interpretation of Michigan State's vulgar chant about him

Jim Harbaugh responded to Michigan State fans on Monday.

The Michigan Wolverines went into East Lansing and toppled the Michigan State Spartans on Saturday in a way that most people expected. However, that did not stop Spartan fans from putting together a vulgar chant aimed in the direction of Jim Harbaugh and, on Monday, Harbaugh was asked to respond.

Here was his response, via, concerning the now-infamous "F—- Jim Harbaugh" chant:

"Yeah, I heard it. I heard it. I thought it was really great and classy. I thought they were saying 'Love Jim Harbaugh'. And they kept repeating it: 'Love Jim Harbaugh, Love Jim Harbaugh.' I said 'wow, that's some great sportsmanship here by the Michigan State Spartans.'

"Then the next day I read ESPN and they were saying, I guess it was 'Frick Jim Harbaugh' with (another word) there. I guess I have to get my hearing checked."

This is an extremely Harbaugh response, as he managed to take a shot at Michigan State without actually doing so. The message of the chant was clear enough that it came through on the ESPN broadcast and, in short, there is no way that Harbaugh couldn't make out the exact verbiage.

There is no love lost between the two in-state rivals, but this time around, Michigan got the upper hand and the team's head coach could smile and joke about this kind of insult.