COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS - NOVEMBER 11: ead coach Jimbo Fisher of the Texas A&M Aggies watches players warm up before the game against the Mississippi State Bulldogs at Kyle Field on November 11, 2023 in College Station, Texas.
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Jimbo Fisher's Top Landing Spots for 2024

On Sunday, a major coaching job opened up after Texas A&M fired head coach Jimbo Fisher, who had spent the last six seasons as the Aggies' coach. When Fisher joined the Aggies in 2018, expectations were high as Texas A&M hoped he would bring with him the championship mentality he had instilled in Florida State. However, Fisher's time with the Aggies never saw a national title or even a conference tile, resulting in one of the biggest disappointments in college football history. It also ended with the biggest buyout in college football history.

So two questions have been raised surrounding the two parties: Who will replace Fisher at Texas A&M? And where will Jimbo be in 2024?

On the individual side of this divorce is Fisher, and he will be highly coveted by almost every school that has or will have a head coaching vacancy. So where exactly could we see Fisher in 2024? Well, see for yourself.

Honorable Mention - Boise State Broncos

Fisher will be paid over $7 million a year by Texas A&M until 2031, so perhaps Fisher wants to use this time to coach a team that has lower expectations and lower stress levels but also has a tendency to surprise and shock the college football world. And with the College Football Playoff expanding to 12 teams next season, Fisher could make Boise State one of the top Group of Five teams to compete for a spot in the playoffs. This would be a bridge school for Fisher as he awaits a much-bigger role in a top-tier program.

Northwestern Wildcats

This seems unlikely after the team announced David Braun would remain head coach after serving as interim HC. Coaching at Northwestern is no easy task, given its program ranking among the rest of the Big Ten. But this head coaching job would give Fisher an opportunity to truly rebuild a football program and instill a new football culture both on the field and in the locker room. Fisher also is an excellent recruiter; he would not only be able to bring with him his ability to recruit in both Texas and Florida, but he could also create a pipeline to Ohio and Pennsylvania, two states that are highly slept on when it comes to talent.

Michigan State Spartans

COLUMBUS, OH - NOVEMBER 11: Head coach Harlon Barnett of the Michigan State Spartans during the game against the Ohio State Buckeyes at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio on November 11, 2023.

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Very similar to Northwestern, the Michigan State Spartans are in need of a new head coach due to a scandal — meaning that a culture change is needed as well. Just like with the Wildcats, the Spartans' head coaching position would provide opportunities to create a pipeline with neighboring states, but with a much better program. And once again, Fisher would get the opportunity to take the little-brother school of the state and turn it around — except this time, his team will have to play big brother every year instead of avoiding it as he did at Texas A&M.

UCLA Bruins

It has been rumored that Chip Kelly could be let go, meaning another 2024 Big Ten member will need a new head coach. This job would put Fisher in a position similar to what he had with the Aggies. Fisher would be at a program struggling to maintain consistency but that has all the in-state talent and resources needed to turn it around. The leash here would be a little bit longer than you would expect; with the Bruins joining the new super conference that is the Big Ten, it becomes the perfect time to step back and rebuild a program.

Mississippi State Bulldogs

We have seen many coaches being let go by one team and then taking over as a coach for another team in that same conference — and we could see that again with Fisher and the Mississippi State Bulldogs. The Bulldogs just lost to Texas A&M, but both teams ended their weekend by parting ways with their head coach. Personally, I think the Bulldogs are one of the more impatient programs and have never really given enough time for a coach to turn things around. Fisher would be the right guy to bring in and give a longer grace period for getting things right.

College Football Analyst/Sits Out 2024

With Fisher getting the largest buyout in college football history after being fired from A&M, he will be just fine financially — so there may be no rush to find his next head coaching job. These jobs, and others that could open, may not appeal to Fisher's liking. Instead, he could find himself in a situation similar to those of Dan Mullen and Urban Meyer, who currently spend their Saturdays behind a desk, wearing a tie and providing their opinions on the current state of college football. Fisher may not like what is on the menu this time around and could sit out a year to see what positions open up following the 2024 season.

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