Johnny Manziel reportedly hungover at team meeting, Browns deny lying for the QB

The saga continues with Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel. On Tuesday, the NFL Network’s Mike Silver claimed that the Manziel showed up intoxicated at practice on Dec. 30, a few days before Cleveland’s last game of the season vs the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Browns then “lied” and placed him on the concussion protocol to cover up the fact that Manziel showed up inebriated. A Browns spokesperson denied these accusations shortly after Silver’s report was released.

Silver released several statements on his Twitter account that later shed some light on what he was told and what he reported. He stood by his original report that Manziel showed up intoxicated and was placed on the concussion protocol after being evaluated, but apologized and recanted saying that the Browns “lied.”

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is claiming a similar discrepancy in terms of the state Manziel arrived at the facility in, but according to Schefter, the quarterback showed up to the facility “hungover” and the Browns subsequently placed him on the concussion protocol for Week 17.

“One well-placed Browns source who had contact with Manziel that day told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that he ‘was heavily hung over on something.'” Pat McManamon states via

An independent neurologist diagnosed Manziel with a concussion four days before the 2015 season finale, the Browns said Tuesday. Manziel was not cleared from concussion protocol by the independent doctor until Jan. 12, according to a team statement.”

Whether or not Manziel showed up drunk or hungover, it still seems a little odd that the Browns simply diagnose him with a concussion if that were the case. We will continue to keep you updated on this weird situation.

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