The newest version of the College Football Playoff rankings is out now and the top four did not change at all. However, an undefeated Miami did move up from No. 10 to No. 7 and some other undefeated teams like Wisconsin, Alabama and Georgia got GameDay analyst Kirk Herbstreit fired up about undefeated teams.

He made his opinion pretty clear on how he feels about undefeated teams and the quality of opponent they play. Here was his quote on the matter and how he would respond to someone telling him that their team should be in just because they are undefeated:

“Coaches always say, ‘you have no idea how hard it is to go undefeated.’ Really? You know how hard it is to play seven ranked teams and only lose once or twice, especially if those losses are on the road?” I just don’t buy being undefeated equals being one of the best teams.”

He makes a good point. Wisconsin is finding that out the hard way as they are ranked behind Miami now despite being undefeated. Their wins aren’t good though and they not only scheduled a terrible non-conference slate, but also were given the easiest conference schedule possible. Their toughest games remaining are Michigan and Iowa, both at home.

Kirk Herbstreit makes a major statement on undefeated teams trying to get into the College Football Playoff bbornstein33/Clippit
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