Lane Kiffin is a never-ending source of content in the college football world and he is back to his old tricks. However, this time, Kiffin’s contributions come through a medium that he does not normally utilize at a high level.

On Friday, Kiffin took to Twitter and attached a picture of some pretty clean “Yeezy” tennis shoes sitting on top of the log of the FAU program that he now captains as the head coach. The fantastic part, though, is that Kiffin fired the Tweet in the direction of Kim Kardashian West.

It should be noted that Kim’s husband, Kanye West, is not currently active on social media and that would explain the decision to go in the direction of courting Kim in an effort to get the pair to an FAU game in the near future. Kiffin is certainly “shooting his shot” with this one but, in the same breath, you can’t blame him for trying to produce some buzz surrounding the football program.

At this point, it seems fairly unlikely that Kim and Kanye will be in a hurry to head to FAU to take in a football game but, if Kiffin turns things around in a hurry, perhaps that will serve as the culmination of a football rebuild done well.

Lane Kiffin’s latest marketing strategy for FAU is definitely a bold one Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
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