Lee Corso's Playoff foursome is pretty surprising

Lee Corso has what #B1G team in his top four?!?!?!

Lee Corso is most known for putting on the headgear of the school who he thinks will win the game wherever GameDay is being hosted. He's not usually known for hot takes or even really disagreeing with popular opinion —- except for some game day picks —- but he is going out of the box a little bit on his Playoff foursome.

"Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson and Michigan should be in the Playoff," Corso said. "Washington is not one of the country's best teams."

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And he's saying this after the Huskies demolished No. 8 Colorado 41-10 in the Pac-12 Championship Game Friday night. It's just hard to justify keeping a one-loss conference champion out of the Playoff and putting a two-loss non-champion in there.

With only four teams making it to the Playoff and Alabama and Clemson looking to be squarely in, there's just no way Michigan could get in over Ohio State, Washington, or the Big Ten Championship Game winner.

[h/t The Spun]