Grant Perry avoided a more serious sentence despite being initially charged with sexual assault and, even after a pleading to a felony, the wide receiver is back with the Michigan Wolverines. Perry was already practicing with Jim Harbaugh’s team but, now, he has been cleared for full reinstatement according to a release from the program and the university.

The University and Michigan Athletic Department have closely followed the legal proceedings involving Grant Perry since October.

During this time, he has met every institutional expectation. Grant has served multiple team suspensions, missing two games during the 2016 season as well as the Orange Bowl against Florida State. He was suspended from all team activities in the Winter of 2017, including all of spring practice and the team’s trip to Rome. Grant was only recently allowed to participate in summer conditioning prior to the start of fall camp.

We conducted an athletic department and institutional review following the conclusion of the legal process. Based on that review, we have determined that Grant is reinstated to full participation with the football team.

In order to maintain his full participation with the team, and in addition to complying with the terms of his probation, Grant must continue to meet additional internal requirements from the university, athletic department and football program. reported on Perry’s initial sentencing and it revealed troubling statements from his accuser. Those graphic details included the woman saying Perry “made the decision to get intoxicated, use false identification, cut in line, repeatedly harass, intimidate, demean and sexually assault me, and, finally, run from police officers.” Perry did apologize, saying he is “sincerely sorry for everyone that had to get involved” and also saying he wanted to “personally apologize” to the victim and her family.

Given what Perry was accused of and, frankly, what he pleaded to at this time, it came as a national surprise that the university reinstated him to the program. In response to the statement from the university and, presumably, the backlash elsewhere, Jim Harbaugh said the following to

“I support Warde and his decision. It was never a good situation from the very beginning. None of us liked it, that one of ours was in a situation like that.

“But it is good to have some resolution to it. It’s been investigated, prosecuted, adjudicated in a court of law. Everyone had their day in court, and that’s what I’d call a good thing.”

Michigan would certainly argue that Perry’s previous suspension and the fact that he pleaded to a lesser charge pave the way for his return to the team. Still, players have been removed from football teams for far less in the past and Harbaugh is certainly opening himself up to criticism as a result of this decision.

Grant Perry is back with the Michigan football team and a lot of people aren’t happy about it.

Michigan makes controversial decision after player pleads guilty to felony charge Gregory Shamus/Getty Images
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