Michigan player ejected on what might be the worst targeting call of all time

Michigan suffered a huge loss on Saturday against Michigan State that will definitely leave many Wolverines fans fuming if they lose this game.

A targeting penalty was called on Michigan's Joe Bolden after what appeared to be a late hit on Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook. However, with the benefit of slow-motion replay, it appeared to be obvious that Bolden was pushed down into Cook and that the penalty should be lifted after a review.

However, the referees ruled that the penalty stood and that Bolden would be ejected from the game. Bolden has been Michigan's leading tackler this year with 38 total tackles, including 2.5 tackles for loss. Michigan State did not waste any time taking advantage of the ejection, as they scored two plays later to tie the game at seven. It was the first score that the Michigan defense had allowed in over three games.