Michigan standout shares the horrifying story of nearly losing his leg prior to six surgeries


There are horrific injuries, then there's the kind of injury suffered by Michigan offensive lineman Grant Newsome.

The Michigan standout shared the story of how he walked off the field following a terrifying knee injury, but was apparently "minutes" away from losing his leg.

Newsome noted he had six surgeries during a 40-day hospital stay following a nasty low block against Wisconsin on October 1.


Newsome isn't expected to play this season, but he could return in 2018.

His injury sounds oddly familiar to the one suffered by Teddy Bridgewater early last season:

Just 25 minutes into practice, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater went down with a torn ACL and dislocated knee, and the details of the injury are much worse than just a ligament tear..

An ambulance was called to the Vikings practice facility, and Bridgewater's leg was reportedly flailing after his leg "snapped." It was so bad that Bridgewater was reportedly sedated and head coach Mike Zimmer spoke with the quarterback's mother "several" times, detailing the severity of the injury.


Apparently, the injury was so bad, Bridgewater could have lost his leg:

We're not certain what the injury was to Newsome, but it certainly doesn't sound good at all. Hopefully he can make a full recovery.