Man’s alleged carjack attempt of three football players went about how you’d expect

That's not pretty...

According to KOAT ABC 7 out of Albuquerque, one man was arrested last week after he allegedly attempted to carjack three football players that were fresh out of practice.

Algelo Martinez, 20, reportedly asked for a ride from the players, and then attempted to hold them up with a gun in the car. The initial KOAT report states that the players initially complied with the request to get out of the car, but then one of the players punched Martinez in the face after he fumbled the gun.

The players were able to restrain Martinez until the police arrived, at which point he was arrested and booked with this mugshot being the result of his day. (via Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office)

Martinez was reportedly charged with four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and attempting to commit a felony.

[H/T FOX News]