Nick Saban and Paul Finebaum went at it over the Cam Robinson fiasco

One of the biggest controversies this offseason in college football has been with the arrests of two Alabama football players: Cam Robinson and Hootie Jones. The two players were arrested back in May involving potential marijuana possession and illegal weapons charges, but the prosecutor decided not to indict on the case.

Nick Saban was at SEC Media Days on Wednesday, and apparently no one asked him about Cam Robinson during his on-stage interview. That didn’t happen afterwards on the SEC Network, though, as ESPN’s Paul Finebaum decided to clash with the Alabama head coach.

It was after Finebaum asking the initial question that things started to get heated between the two.

The point boils down to Finebaum asking why there were no suspensions, and Saban defending his players by saying that they were not convicted in a court of law. Both men had a point, and it was good to see the issue addressed on the air.

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Finebaum has gone on the record several times in bashing the handling of this case, so it is no surprise that he was the one that stepped up to the plate to ask Saban about there being no suspensions for the two. It is also no surprise that the two got a little heated when discussing the topic, as both men will definitely stand up for what they believe.

After the interview was over, Finebaum hinted that there were even more fireworks after the interview went off the air, and that Saban is not happy with what has happened.

“Our obligation is to the audience and we learned a great deal and I’m very interested in the anger we saw on the air and the incredible anger we saw off the air. I realize people will be “Well, tell us what happened,” but if there was a video of what Coach Saban said to me and to all of us in the 2 or 3 minutes after that interview, it would go viral on the internet with 14 million hits.

I’ve seen him in a lot of situation, on a non-football related issue and on the field, I mean, it’s as upset and as angry — and it wasn’t at me — it was anger at the system and what he thinks his players went through about Louisiana. “

It doesn’t sound like Saban took to kindly to being put under fire and it definitely seems like he is extremely upset about the whole situation. Thanks to Finebaum, we got some answers in the case and we learned something.

Alabama opens the season against USC in AT&T Stadium on September 3.

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