Nick Saban, Dabo Swinney back Gus Malzahn on recruiting tactic issues

It's not often that Alabama and Auburn coaches are on the same page, but when it comes to this issue, they've got the same mindset.

The NCAA has a rule stating a football program cannot hold a camp located more than 50 miles from its campus, but Jim Harbaugh — like James Franklin last year in Georgia — exploited a loophole in the NCAA rule that allows coaches to be guests at camps, so long as they aren't listed as the hosts.

The SEC, however, has it's own conference rule that prohibits coaches from even guesting at camps outside that 50 mile radius.

So after Malzahn spoke out about the recruiting issue, Harbaugh landed a commitment from the camp.

Now, Alabama head coach Nick Saban and Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney are speaking out about the issue.

From 247sports:

"I think everybody's gotta recruit the way that they should recruit. We're not allowed to have satellite camps in the SEC. I certainly think that we need to address this if it's going to be a competitive disadvantage and other people are going to have these kind of camps.

"But if we're all going to travel all over the country to have satellite camps, how ridiculous is that?" Saban said. "I mean we're not allowed to go to all-star games, but now we're going to have satellite camps all over the country. So it doesn't really make sense."

Despite being allowed to take part in satellite camps, Swinney backed the two SEC coaches with his stance:

The SEC must adapt and adjust the rules in its own conference, or suffer the consequences of losing out to other schools thanks to falling behind on the recruiting trail. Holding out hope that the NCAA would change regulations for what is a competitive advantage would be ill-advised.