Nick Saban goes off on satellite camps, Harbaugh responds on Twitter

Saban is angry and Harbaugh is not having it.

Nick Saban was available to the media on Tuesday during SEC spring meeting in Destin, and one thing is clear: he does not like the new rules about recruiting camps.

Saban got rather animated talking about the camps, angrily ranting the topic and discussing how the new camps will turn recruiting into the "Wild, Wild West".

Via FOX Sports:

"Somebody sponsors the camp, they pay them the money, but what do they do with the money? And who makes sure the kid paid to the camp? This is the Wild, Wild West at its best because there's no specific guidelines relative to how we're managing and controlling this stuff."

Of course, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh has been the impetus behind the new satellite camp rules, so all shots at the camps are seen as shots at Harbaugh. Or at least Harbaugh sees it that way.

Well this isn't the first time Harbaugh has gone to verbal war with an SEC coach, and we certainly don't expect it to be the last. We will have to see if Saban respond to this, as he seems like he is the kind of coach that won't let a comment like that go.