Refs make controversial call on what looks like a clear touchdown


The first "full" weekend of the college football season doesn't arrive for a few days but die-hards are being treated to a day of tune-ups on Saturday, Aug. 26. One such game pits Oregon State against a fun Colorado State team and, while the Beavers entered as the underdog, they played very well in the first half.

In fact, Oregon State looked to have performed even better until the final seconds of the half, when what appeared to be a game-tying touchdown did not come to fruition for the visitors.

It is important to note that the call was as an incomplete pass on the field and that is likely why it was not overturned at the end of the process. Still, it is a safe bet that Oregon State won't be thrilled with a play that could have provided a great deal of momentum if called correctly. The lack of a touchdown provided Colorado State with a four-point lead at 24-20 going into halftime and the home team likely felt as if an escape had occurred.

There will be many controversial calls (and no-calls) during the 2017 season, but the first one went against Oregon State on what could be a pivotal play over the course of a hotly contested game.