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Pac-12 Is Down To Zero Teams After Everyone Bolts

The Pac-12 conference now has precisely zero programs as every last school has bolted.

Now gone are Oregon, Washington, USC, and UCLA (Big Ten) and Utah, Arizona, and Arizona State (Big XII), and Cal and Stanford (ACC). The final two holdouts, Oregon State and Washington State, then left for the West Coast Conference. At least, they will in basketball and some other sports.

Yes, Cal and Stanford will compete in the ATLANTIC COAST Conference.

Someone, please, bring some sanity to college sports. Or is it too late?

As for Washington State and Oregon State, if nothing else, they should be able to form a pretty good rivalry. That is, assuming they find a place to play football. Either way, they have become the products of everyone else losing their minds.

"The OSU and WSU football programs are one sport that will be exploring other options, due to the lack of football programs within the WCC. The programs will both be entering schedules that allow for competition within the Mountain West Conference, as well as further independent scheduling," wrote Emma Swett of KPTV.

"As for the OSU and WSU baseball programs, another sport from the universities that will not be participating in WCC competition, decisions are to continue to be made and released regarding future scheduling. Both universities have agreed to a two-year term with the WCC, and will continue to explore their options for when the contract ends in light of rapid change within the climate of conference realignments."