CBS has released early schedule of its SEC games, and now we can all say we have something to do that weekend

The third week game will probably surprise you as it stars a whole new rivalry.

CBS has released its early broadcast schedule for the upcoming college football season and there are seven games you can count on getting air time. The first week of the season will feature the unorthodox pairing of Texas A&M and UCLA while the third week of the season will feature a new burgeoning rivalry rather than the tried and true Tennessee-Florida game.

The full schedule can be found below:

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Now you can make your plans for those weekends and tell everyone you're busy because it's almost college football season again! November 5th's triple header of games should be one of the best in the country as there are several choices for the two other SEC games of the week. Alabama plays LSU —- that game will likely be the primetime game —- while other SEC school matchups include Florida vs Arkansas, Georgia vs Kentucky, Vanderbilt vs Auburn, Texas A&M vs Mississippi State and Missourr vs South Carolina.