Deion Sanders (left) and Travis Hunter being hit by Henry Blackburn (right)
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Deion Sanders Defends CSU Player Who Received Death Threats After Injuring Travis Hunter

Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders sent a classy message to Colorado State's Henry Blackburn, who injured Travis Hunter.

The Colorado Buffaloes are set to be without star wide receiver/cornerback Travis Hunter for a few weeks after a controversial hit by Rams safety Henry Blackburn, but in the aftermath of the hit, head coach Deion Sanders is defending the Colorado State defender after he received death threats since the Saturday night matchup on ESPN.

In a press conference today, Sanders said, "Henry Blackburn is a good player who played a phenomenal game... This is a still young man trying to make it in life ... He does not deserve a death threat over a game." "I forgive him. Our team forgives him. Travis Hunter has forgiven him. Let's move on. That kid does not deserve that."


As you can see in the clip below, the hit from Blackburn on Hunter was certainly a late hit that resulted in a personal foul penalty. You can see the ball hit the ground before Blackburn delivers the hit.

The Rams were up 14-7 at the time this hit happened. Hunter had just two receptions for 21 yards, and Blackburn recorded an interception in the game—Shedeur Sanders' only one this season.

By the time the game ended, the Rams lost 43-35 in double-overtime and committed 17 penalties for 182 yards.

Tensions ran high before the game, starting with Rams head coach Jay Norvell commenting on Sanders' attire. The Rams were more than 20-point underdogs and kept the game close throughout.

The Rams now move on to take on Middle Tennessee, and the Buffaloes will head out on the road to play the Oregon Ducks and return home in Week 5 to take on the USC Trojans.

Unfortunately, the Buffaloes will be without Hunter from an injury sustained on the hit in those games.

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